dwcoverSo I just finished reading Darlington Woods by Mike Dellosso. While it’s not his debut novel, it’s the first one that I’ve read by him on the suggestion of a friend, and I’m glad that I did read it. This is definitely an edge of your seat thriller that will keep you wanting to find out what happens next. While I found the ending to be a bit anti-climactic, it was still a definitely well-written novel and I can’t wait to read more of his books.

Darlington Woods follows Rob Shields as he heads to Mayfield, Maryland a few months after the deaths of his family. He had just inherited a house from his great-aunt and figured that he would check it out before trying to get on with his life. Once he arrives in Mayfield, it seems that the townsfolk are a bit wary and curious of him as he explores the house and the small town, ending up at Mary Jane’s diner to get something to eat. Afterward, strange events start to unfold with the appearance of Wax Man along with dreams that seem to be real. Something is drawing him into the woods to search out a small town called Darlington, which seems to be frozen in time along with more townspeople that are even more wary than those in Mayfield, most likely due to the fact that they’re haunted by beingsĀ called darklings that can easily mimic a woman’s scream and only come out at night.

What happens next can only be found out by reading the book, but it is definitely worth the read and I definitely recommend it to all of my friends!