Long ago Winchester Hall was a name to be proud of.  Parents were ecstatic when their children were accepted to this prestigious school, but as the years progressed, stories began to appear about the reputation of the school.  There were rumors about what went on inside this boarding school, but the students were tight-lipped when asked by their families during visitation days for fear of what might be done to them if they told.  Because of this parental questioning, the school administration decided to revamp their policies and procedures to make them stricter.  Because of this reformation, the administrators decided to temporarily close down the school until they had things exactly the way they wanted it.

During this time, the school administrators were approached by a mysterious man who said that he worked for the Rhinde League, and that he had an offer they couldn’t refuse.  If the school joined him in his group’s endeavour, they would finance every aspect of the school, with a few minor changes.  It only took a couple of days for the administrators to approve of the offer, and the deal was done.  Winchester Hall was now the official school of the Rhinde League.  Once the deal was finalized, the school was officially closed as a change in administration occurred, so that the school would be more fitting for its new purpose.  It took close to a decade for the changes to occur, but soon the school was open for students once again.

As the new applications started to arrive, Tomas Guillero growled at the pile of papers, wondering just how he would be able to go through them all to be able to find the proper students to admit.  Tapping his desk thoughtfully, an evil grin spread across his features as he reached for his phone.  Punching in a few numbers, he held the handset up to his ear and started to ruffle through the papers again.  After a few moments, a gruff voice answered on the other end and Tomas dropped the papers he was holding.

“Do we still have those blood tests from all of the children over the past few years?” Tomas asked without preamble.

There was no reply over the phone for several moments, and Tomas was beginning to wonder if he had been hung up on when the gruff voice said, “Yes we do.  Why do ask, Tomas?”

“I have a proposition to make,” Tomas replied evasively.  “I request a meeting with Jesse so that I can tell him my offer in person.”  The owner of the gruff voice was silent for a few moments before agreeing and telling Tomas to meet their usual meeting place at six o’clock that evening.  Once he had hung up, Tomas sat back in his chair, a slight smile tugging at the corners of his mouth as he realized that he had just come up with the perfect plan on furthering the Rhinde League’s purposes.

That evening, Tomas paced outside of the junkyard waiting for Jesse to show up.  He was about to leave, figuring that Jesse wasn’t going to arrive when Jesse suddenly appeared out of the shadows.  “This had better be good, Tomas.  The boss doesn’t like to have his time wasted.”

“It is good, Jesse.  The boss will like this idea since it directly involves his plans.  Those blood tests included a genetic makeup, yes?” Tomas asked, his eyes locked onto Jesse’s face in an attempt to gauge the other man’s reactions.  Jesse only nodded in reply, wondering what Tomas was getting at.  “After examining the copies of the genetic makeups I have, I have isolated a certain marker that is only present in one in several thousand births.”  He paused yet again to gauge Jesse’s reaction, but the other man only raised an eyebrow and motioned for Tomas to continue.  “This marker deals with the way children learn as well as making them very susceptible to new ideas if introduced at a young enough age.  If we got all of these children, then we could train them in OUR way of thinking, and our purpose will be fulfilled even more quickly than before.  The only downside is that it will take time before we will be able to put our plan into motion.”

Jesse was silent for a few minutes once Tomas was finished with his thought and then smiled slightly and said, “I think the boss will like it.  Start gathering the information necessary and be prepared to offer the children with the genetic markers scholarships to attend Winchester Hall for free.  I will take this material back to Mr. Sangrio and get back to you.”

Tomas only nodded and headed back to the school to go through the markups.  Gathering all of those materials, he shoved the applications aside and started to compile a list of names.  As he was doing this, the phone rang and he dropped his papers in shock when he heard Mr. Sangrio’s voice on the other end of the line.  “Mr. Sangrio!  I didn’t expect to hear from you.  I trust everything is well?” Tomas asked.

“Cut the brownnosing, Tomas.  Jesse told me of your plan, and I must say that it is remarkable.  Keep up the work, and you just might find yourself with a position on the Chair.  Do you have a list of names ready?” Mr. Sangrio asked.

“Yes sir, I do.  I have almost completed going through the markups I have, and I will need to request more from the local hospitals where our contacts are working.  But as of right now, I believe that we have a good start.  I can start contacting the parents of these children immediately.

“Good.  Until we get more children with this genetic marker, accept a few of the others as well, just so we have a diverse group.”

After a few more formalities, Tomas hung up and started to gather the phone numbers of the children with the marker.  Most of the families were surprised to hear from the headmaster of Winchester Hall and readily accepted the offer.  Within the next few days, the new students started to arrive and Tomas got them situated into their respective dormitories.

The first few weeks of school went well, but then things started to take a nosedive.  The children with the special marker were receiving special classes that the normal students didn’t take, and some of those children started to bully the normal students, the main one being a young boy by the name of Jonas Michaelo.  Jonas had been reprimanded several times, but even Tomas could see that Jonas would go far in life…


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