Name: Madelyn Carter

Nickname: Maddie

Age: 15

Gender: female

Appearance: long reddish-brown hair usually braided into a single plait down her back. She has blue eyes and an easy smile for her friends and family. She typically always wears homemade linen dresses that go down to just past her knees along with her stockings and boots.

Personality: somewhat shy around people she doesn’t know, once you get to know her, and she feels more comfortable, then she opens up and can be outgoing. Maddie usually sticks close to home and loves to go on outings with her family.

History: Maddie’s the youngest child of Jenny and Daniel Carter, but she still helps out around the farm with various chores. She absolutely adores her older brother, James, and just loves to do things with him, whether it’s just spending time with him or helping him out with his chores. She was devastated when he decided to join the Union Army just a couple of months after his 18th birthday and didn’t want him to leave. Unfortunately, he did and Maddie cherished the letters he sent home, but as her 13th birthday drew nearer, Maddie grew more despondant about it, somehow knowing that her brother wouldn’t be coming home for her birthday. Soon the letters stopped coming, and Maddie had no idea what had befallen her beloved older brother.


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