Name: James Carter

Age: 22

Gender: male

Appearance: Short, brown hair with chocolate brown eyes. During the war, he wore the blue Union uniform. Before the war, he usually wore long pants, suspenders, and a tucked in shirt, typical farm clothes worn by most farmers. He’s tall for his age, but not tall enough to stick out as an oddity.

Personality: James is just your typical farm boy. He’s generally laid back and easy-going. He doesn’t get angry easily, and he will just take hardships in stride. He’s usually always there for his family, and he absolutely adores his little sister, Madelyn. He would do anything in the world just to make sure she’s safe and happy.

History: Born to a farm family in the countryside outside of Boston, Massachusetts, he grew up helping with the family farm, and when his sister was born, helping to take care of her as well. As he grew older, James heard of the news of the changing times and hoped that everything would remain calm so that he and his sister would be able to grow up in peace. Unfortunately, that peace didn’t last for long since the Civil War broke out in 1861 when James was 17. Still too young to join the Union Army, he waited for the day he would turn 18 so that he could join the Union Army and be able to help protect all he held dear. Shortly after his 18th birthday, in May of 1862, James went off to join the Union Army. He sent a few letters home, his last one dated July 1863. That was the last letter his family received from James.


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