“The Heir War” by Jill Williamson is the second part of her new epic fantasy series. In part one, we’re introduced to a variety of characters, including Wilek, Trevn, Mielle, and Charlon. In this second installment, we continue the events of Darkness Reigns as Wilek and Kal travel to Magonia in search of a rune translation while Trevn and Mielle try to keep their relationship under the radar while investigating events at the palace.

While in Magonia, Wilek and Kal end up splitting up and Wilek is kidnapped by Charlon, a Magonian mantic, for reasons that are explained later on. Kal continues his search for a rune translation while trying to survive in the harsh country in the midst of the Five Woes. Meanwhile, Trevn at the palace learns of a plot to rid Armania of the Armanites in favor of their religion of Rob and in his search to find out who’s responsible, he hears of a Prophet who will be able to help.

Without spoiling too much of this amazing story, let me be the first to say that it is definitely an edge of your seat thrill ride that will keep you wanting more. I would definitely recommend this book and author to all of my friends!

I received an advance copy of the novel from the author and publisher in exchange for an honest review.