In this debut young adult steampunk novel by Evangeline Denmark, we meet Grey Haward, a tall strong girl who tries her hardest to to not stand out by working in her grandfather’s hardware shop. Doing her best to follow all of the rules set before her, she can’t help but wonder if she needs to take the potion that the Chemists dictate that everyone take since both her father and grandfather don’t require it.

Then everything changes one night when her best friend, Whit, is caught trying to protect her and she witnesses his punishment. What follows is an exciting story as she Grey discovers secrets and new locations that she didn’t even know exist as she works toward freeing Whit and ending the Chemists rule.

Since Evangeline Denmark is the daughter of one of my favorite authors, Donita K Paul, I expected much from her and I can’t say that I was disappointed. I enjoyed every minute of this book and I can’t wait to read more from her! I thought that the style was very gripping and engaging and I didn’t want it to end. Here’s to hoping the next book comes out sooner rather than later.

I received a free copy of this book through in exchange for an honest review.