_240_360_Book.879.cover“When Mockingbirds Sing” is the story of Leah, a child from the town of Away who is isolated from the other kids because of her stutter.  Her only friend at the time is an invisible person she calls the Rainbow Man, and when she starts painting prophetic scenes, she attributes her ability to tell the future to her invisible friend.  When these paintings start coming true, it forces the people of Mattingly to take notice and they start fighting among themselves on whether or not to believe this young child on her prophetic works of art.

Overall, this book was an amazing read and I found it difficult to put down once I got started.  It was intriguing on many different levels and was thought-provoking as well since it’s not everyday that people are put into situations like this, even though it’s a fictional novel.  Would you be like Leah with her unending faith, or would you be like the townspeople who are afraid to embrace new thoughts and ideologies?

I would recommend this book to all of my friends and it is definitely on my list to read again.  I had never read any of Billy Coffey’s books before, and I’m definitely interested in looking into what else he has written.

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