So I’ve been reading In the Hall of the Dragon King by Stephen Lawhead recently.  And while I’m not quite done with it just yet, I did come across a passage that I absolutely love.  A bit of background is that while in Dekra (a hidden city in this book), the main character, Quentin, was left behind by his companions due to him recovering from near death.  While in Dekra, Quentin encountered the Man of Light (aka the Most High God) and in this passage, he is telling one of his friends, Durwin, about this experience.


“So it is,” breathed Durwin at last.  “You have seen him.  Now you know.  Any who truly meet him cannot go back to the way they were before.”

“Do you see him often?”

“I have never seen him,” answered Durwin simply.

“Never?”  This shocked Quentin.  He had assumed the hermit, of all people, to be on the most intimate terms with the Most High One.

“No, never.  But I did not need to see him to know of his presence, to learn his ways.  It is enough for me that he has accepted me to be his servant.  I am content.”

“But I thought… You know so much about him.”

“I suppose I do–know about him.  He gives each man a special task in life and a blessing to carry it out.  You have been chosen for a great work, and yours is a special blessing.  He has never appeared to me.  Yes, yours is a Blessing of Power, as Yeseph would say.”

Quentin was dumbfounded.  Durwin had never seen the god he served so faithfully.  Durwin’s words echoed in his mind:  It is enough… I am content.


So there’s the passage I like in its entirety.  What are your thoughts about it?